Roe Deer. We think there are less than a dozen live on the course
Buzzards vary in colouration
Mostly heathland as you can see from this view of the seventh green
Spotted Orchid
Cock Pheasant in breeding plumage
Slow worm
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The Broadstone Golf Club
Set in Dorset Heathland, the course at Broadstone is scheduled as a site of special scientific interest (SSSI)
While English Nature manages the natural habitation within it's 260 acres, the club looks after the course and maintains the natural areas where it can.
Common Century
Devils Bit Scabious
Bell Heather
Common Whitlow
Spotted Orchid
Cotton Grass
Mandarin Duck on the pond on the third
Seen on the 12th
The vixen often seen around the 9th/17th area
Gorse or Furzy (European)
Dame's Violet
Cuckoo Flower/Ladies Smock
Pendulous Sedge
Minnows Spawning in the stream - 2nd
Young Roe Deer
Dog Violet
All photos taken on The Broadstone Golf Course
We have the Grass snake, the Smooth Snake and the Adder on the course.
Moorhen on the lake on the third hole
Heron in a tree by the lake on the third hole
Heron by the lake to the right of the Fourth hole
Mallard Drake
Green Woodpecker (17th)
Mating Green Woodpeckers (17th)
Garlic Mustard
Speckled Wood
Painted Lady
Common Blue
Triangular Stalked Garlic
Yellow Flag
Mistle Thrush
Female Stonechat
Male Stonechat
Young Stonechat
Doe and fawn on the 12th - June 2011
Keith Rawling is a past captain of The Broadstone Golf Club
Great Spotted Woodpecker
Rabbit. Not the same one as.......
Roe Deer.
Great Spotted Woodpecker
Young Green Woodpecker
Grey Squirrel
Hobby. A rare summer visitor to the course
Buzzards are a common sight
The original owner of the site, Lady Wimborne planted many special cultivated species of Rhododendrons around the course, some of which still flourish today.
Sleeping young Roe Deer