The old mediaeval walled city in northern Rajasthan is quite fascinating, but do take a guide, at least the first time.
Bikaner, Rajasthan, India
The Palace museum contains some fine samples of original tie dye as well as relics of the Raj.
The Bikaner silk-screen and weaving industry exports all over the world.
Snake Charmer
Old aircraft tyres used on this camel cart
Jodpur to Bikaner train
Junagarh Fort is very impressive and is worth a visit. It is now well organised and geared up for tourist.
The sweet maker in the old town. Most people are quite happy to be photographed, but please check first and show them the picture.
The printing and dying areas are in the old town and is usually in full production on hot days so the cloth can dry quickly.
Bikaner is certainly a fascinating place with an atmosphere all of it's own.....and some people think 10ÂșC in December is cold.....!