South Goa - The beaches

Southern Goa is the quieter part of Goa, and with a little walk you can get really get away from it all.

No pestering as selling is now banned from the beach so you can really relax.

Obviously the seafood is excellent, fresh, good value and well presented. I recommend eating at the beach shacks.

Sonya, a Lamani, here in full costume, is quite a sales lady and does very well in her little shop.
Place to stay: Skylark Resort, Colva Beach.

Debbie and her staff are really helpful and friendly -- and it's very good value. A lot of people return here.

Black (Pariah) Kites and Brahminy Kites are common sights as they swoop and pick up any loose fish. On the beach or away from the beaches, Goa is excellent for birdwatching and bird photography.
There ia always something of interest going on along the beach.

Dolphins can be seen from the beach on a regular basis, but I'm not sure what this one was.......