Keith Rawling - Photos of Istanbul

The Blue Mosque -Whatever time of year, this magnificent building is one of the must see sights of Istanbul.
Hagia Sophia

This building constructed between 532 and 537 has survived both attacks by invading forces and earthquakes. It is one of the best preserved example of Byzantine architecture anywhere in the world. Serving in it's time Eastern Orthodox, Roman Catholic and Muslim religions, it is now a museum.

View from from the Beyazit Tower in February

Yellow Legged Gull
The card players
Carpets everywhere
Shop windows and markets stalls make excellent subjects
Wash from a Tanker
A cat with glasses??
Air conditioned sentry
What time is it?
Tea time
The Serpant column
Obelisk of Thutmose IIi - Night and day
The Burnt Column
Shoe shine
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Sun shine