A glimpse into the area where the best olives come from.....
Empty beaches
Good food
Classic Historical sites - Ancient Messini - Olympus - Methoni - many more
Lots of colour
Photographs by Keith Rawling
Greek Bee-eater?
Common Lizard
Waterfalls with ice-cold water
Fishing from the rocks with light tackle can produce a variety of fish. English and local Greek names given. All returned alive.
Grey Mullet - Kefalos
Painted Comber - Perka
Comber - Hanos
Annular Seabream - Sparos
Salema - Salpa
Saddled Seabream - Melanouri
Octopus - Htapodi
Five spotted Wrasse - Tigralapino
White Seabream - Sargos
Rainbow Wrasse - Gilos
Rainbow Wrasse - Gilos
Clouded Yellow in flight
Turtles lay their eggs on local beaches
Afternoon knap
Evening meal
Damsel Fish - Kalogria
Garfish or Needle Fish -Zargana
The Mani - A very interesting drive up through the mountains towards Glythio.
Where ever I hang my hat....
Zeus is not always happy
Cool clear sea water