Leopards in India - Photos by Keith Rawling


As Indian Leopards are nocturnal they are not only difficult to find, but present unique challenges to any photographer. Some people resort to flashlight to search for them, but who is interested in a photograph of a Leopard with red-eye. November 2015: Flashlights have been banned! Publicity works!
Below is a series of photographs taken over a period of an hour when I was privileged to watch this young male and his mate just waking up and getting ready for the night patrol. (2014)

The flag is on top of a temple built into the rock face.

I use a Nikon D7100 OR D7200 with a 80 - 400mm lens. Set to shutter priority (1000th) to capture movement and to limit camera shake, corrected for under-exposure in photoshop
March 2015: Same male and female this time with three cubs
2014: Male and female.
November 2015 update: The cubs have been killed by a rogue male Leopard and the mother was electrocuted on an overhead cable whist chasing a peacock. The male moved away
Same Male - eight months later. No sign of female on the night I filmed.
November 2015: New Family of male, female and two cubs.
December 2017. Mother and three two-month old cubs. Sensibly viewed from a distance.
Young Male December 2018