Keith Rawling - Photographer/illustrator/designer
Keith Rawling is an Award winning Designer, illustrator and Photographer

Berkshire college of Art - Design, Illustration, print and photography

London - Visualiser - graphic artist - Advertising

London - Advertising and jacket design - Associated Book Publishers - Routledge Kegan & Paul

Freelance - Publishing- Book and jacket Design and illustration - Andre Deutsh - Blackie - Macmillan - ++

Freelance - Book illustration - Heineman - Macmillan Education - BBC- ++

Freelance artist for Disney and Warner Bros studios. Animation. character illustration, background illustration, character merchandising

Publishing - Disney related - Children's book and magazine illustration - Disney and Me - Ladybird etc.

Character merchandising - All the well known characters from TV and Film - His work has appeared in most major high street stores - Next-Tesco-Asda-Woolworth - M&S, Lakeland , John Lewis - etc. on many products.
Illustration, computer graphics and product design.

Currently - Product photography, Wildlife photography, book design
Computer Graphics, Character creation and illustration
packaging design

Freelance Illustrator - Designer - Photographer.
Keith Rawling Associates
Poole, Dorset. UK