Keith Ra

Varinasi India - Photographs by Keith Rawling

Young monks returning after greeting the sunrise.

The sacred River Ganges attracts thousands of people from all over the world, so people watching is here is vey intriging. The Ghats are are where most of the action is, and although busy, it has a strangly calming atmosphere. It's a must to get there before dawn to welcome the sunrise.

Difficult to sum up in detail what Varinasi is like... away from the banks of the Ganges, it's a very crowded, noisy and bustling city. Alongside the Ganges it is more peaceful but still busy, I hope these pictures taken around the Ghats, give you some idea.

Views of the Ganges
Sunrise on the Ganges
Sweet factory
Fishing with handlines and bite indicators
Selling flower offerings.
Late Evening
Goat and Myna birds
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The Charm of the Ganges
Varanasi, India