Disney Pencils

Below are clean-up pencils, the stage between concept and finished art. This the stage prior to being drawn onto art-paper for the final colour art. Top three can be seen on the classic page in colour.
The Little Mermaid ©Disney
Bambi ©Disney
Alice in Wonderland ©Disney
Aladdin ©Disney
The Lion King © Disney
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs ©Disney
Turnarounds. - These pencils are used as reference to make three dimentional models
Flic from Bugs Life ©Disney
Heimlich from Bugs Life ©Disney
Tarzan and Terk - Tarzan ©Disney
All Disney characters go through the concept pencil stage (above) where the proportion/pose/action is established
All the above Pencils drawn by Keith Rawling
Disney Pencils