Indian Tigers - Photographs by Keith Rawling

Most Indian Wildlife Sanctuaries are areas of thick vegetation, dramatic scenery, crumbling Temples and Pavilions, and of course the chance of seeing a wild Tiger. They are well protected with restricted access. Organised trips in jeeps or cantors are allowed - usually very early morning or late evening unless special permission is granted.
At the time of writing there are only 38 Tigers in nearly 400 acres of land at Ranthambore and you are restricted to one of eight trackways per three hour period. If you see a Tiger in the wild you are one of the lucky few.

2015 - The latest news it that at the last count the tiger population in India has increased by 26%
These photos were taken with Nikon DSLR and a 300mm lens. Longer lenses will not necessarily get you better pictures as the vegetation is quite dense in places and the light levels are quite low especially in the forests.

Even if you get close to a Tiger, it's not always possible to see it. There are TWO tigers facing each other in this picture (Right)
it's not only Indian wildlife reserves that have conservation at heart, but, thankfully, zoos and other wildlife parks throughout the world also have their own breeding programes
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Please do not even consider buying any medicines or souvenirs derived from Tigers. Modern medicines are far more effective, and we are determined to stop all poaching and unnecessary killing
People will travel a long way to see a wild Tiger, thereby generating big business to India and money and employment to many hundreds of people.

It is noted that the entrance fees in India to Wildlife Sanctuaries, Museums, and National Monuments, are eight times more expensive for foreigners than for nationals?

Maybe by reducing the fees charged for foreigners to enter the National Parks and other attractions, more foreign tourists would be attracted to visit India thereby generating more income. In England we do not discriminate between foreigners and residents. All pay the same ticket price to see the same thing.

It would be nice if India did the same.

This series of photos were taken at Mysore Zoo